7 Best Smart TVs That Really Exist In 2021

Introduction of 7 Best Smart TVs That Exist In 2021

7 Best Smart TVs That Really Exist In 2021. the news go let’s discover without waiting for the seven best smart tv this 65 inch uses the technology that helps on a panel whose full HD backlighting allows good light output the Chinese manufacturer offers here a television that uses a 10-bit LCD panel which combines with a colorimetry boosted by the famous quantum dots.

7 Best Smart TVs That Really Exist In 2021
7 Best Smart TVs That Really Exist In 2021

It Is Compatible With Hdr Plus And Dolby Vision

The model also has 90 backlighting zones this should greatly limit light leakage in dark areas of the picture the high-end iPhone TV this does not neglect any compatibility since it is compatible with hdr plus and Dolby vision running under the empty operating system had the choice of applications are less rich than android tv web os or to no√ęs, we find in the main applications NetFlix youtube prime video or rmc sport, on the other hand.

It will be necessary to do without the replay apps of the Disney style plus design side the 65 inches offered by Hisense brings a more qualitative definition than the 55 inches the plastics are of much better quality and prettier the assembly is clean the integration of the slab in the chassis is also neater the metal foot is pleasing to the eye while remaining sober and bulkier but.

They Have A Power Of 60 Watts Another Good Point

It could complicate the integration of a soundbar on the underside of the screen not to be too confused with the other model of the mark the to 8 this one has many other advantages the age and 9 is a smart tv of 65 inches offering a resolution 4k OLED and a refresh rate. maximum of 100 hertz with four speakers they have a power of 60 watts another good point.

The television is compatible with wifi Bluetooth Comcast and airplay being part of the high-end screens of the Japanese brand the TV has a 10-bit log display panel 100 hertz on the design side, the Japanese television is quite successful although it is not particularly sophisticated the central foot allows the television to be easily placed on a piece of furniture narrower than 145 cm in width with less than a centimeter of thickness.

The Applications Android Et Tv Does

l ‘screen and end the result is clean, pretty and efficient the home page does not change if you are a fan of sony screens the responsiveness is top-notch and allows the TV to turn on quickly without any slowness concerning the applications android et tv does its job very well and offers a rich catalog to please the greatest number of more all the voice assistants are present.

And you can allow you to give voice commands to your television finally performance side the image quality is there and never disappoints movies series or video games all the possibilities are in the menu sound level it is exactly the same observation nothing to complain about the television is so good that it will be possible to listen to all styles of music directly from your screen attention the slab being close to the furniture.

A Classic Direct Backlighting System

You will be unable to put a soundbar on the underside without losing part of the image on the television Guillaume limited v 4s has a 2.55-inch screen that displays an ultra HD mid-range screen definition it offers HD r10 compatibility and a classic direct backlighting system, the help but effective the xi model has omitted embeds android tv with 8 gigabytes of storage the interface is clean and efficient there is of course .

The entire android catalog which is one of the most complete on the market chrome cast is also part of the adventurous allows to receive or display a video stream sent directly from other devices on the audio side there are two speakers of 10 watts each the sound is quite sufficient to watch a movie or a series if you can or wanted to accompany your television with a soundbar.

It can slide at the bottom of the screen the on-board television remote control micro allowing you to control your screen directly with your voice even if this is not new it It is very rare to find this functionality on a mid-range screen offered at less than 500 euros on the design side the television remains quite classic and goes everywhere without raising the slightest false note with aluminum-colored plastic outlines the screen is beautiful. YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 Best Wireless Chargers Available On Amazon

The TCL Televisions Are On Board

The assembly is well done and the finishes are excellent the metal feet are quite thin and free up space on your TV cabinet the TCL televisions are on board u vea panel which displays ultra HD definition the screen color support is extended and allows HD r10 hlg hdr 10 plus compatibility and even dubbed vision on the audio side we are satisfied with two speakers of 10 watts each TCL offers on.

This screen Dolby atmos compatibility for better sound quality for applications tcl trusts android tv and its catalog rich in possibilities and links it to 16 Giga of storage finally on the design side the screen is classic without false note with a dominant black on the contours the foot when it is ventilated but rather bulky on a TV cabinet provided for a fairly deep cabinet if you want to install a soundbar, in fact, the screen takes up a little space by.

Its width the Edison continental television has an LCD panel goes to 2.55 inches and displays ultra HD definition it uses a quantum dot filter which allows it to inherit the name of q help the manufacturer announces this a contrast of 3000 for a reduced viewing angle of 160 degrees and an HD r10 compatibility the mid-range television set also embeds android tv .

7 Best Smart TVs That Really Exist In 2021
7 Best Smart TVs That Really Exist In 2021

We Are Satisfied With Two Speakers Of 10 Watts

And has a remote control with an integrated microphone which can be useful for the voice searches him gigabytes of storage come with the android system the chrome cast is integrated and allows to display video streams directly from other devices on the audio side we are satisfied with two speakers of 10 watts each offering a correct sound power a soundbar could welcome finally for the Edison continental design opt for something classic.

And shiny black plastic outlines the feet when they are in black metal imitation aluminum available in 55 or 65 inches the television offered by Philips has an LCD panel going associated with a Philips p5 video processing processor that is more often found on very high-end models me the TV also retains an ambient Ambilight system which is the originality of the brand the android tv system also present brings many possibilities through.

Its catalog of very rich applications finally on the design side the television has a sober design and without fuss, its originality comes from its central 360 degrees rotating stand on the audio side there are two 10 watt speakers and each the sound reproduction is more than correct and allows you to be able to enjoy your films without the need for a soundbar is despite.

The Television Is At Ease On All TV Cabinets Over 40 Cm Wide

Its dimensions the television is at ease on all TV cabinets over 40 cm wide we finish with this TV featuring a panel offering ultra HD definition for a vivid and clear image the screen is also HD r10 and hlg compatible for a still image more beautiful, the android tv system is part of the adventure to offer a rich and diverse catalog.

That joins forces with the Googleplex stork for even more choices and the chrome cast to broadcast an article stream from other devices finally on the design side the brand decides to remain classic and saber by coating its slab with a shiny black plastic and here are friends.

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