7 High-tech Gadgets That Will Amaze You


7 HIGH-TECH GADGETS THAT WILL AMAZE YOU.this gadget is patent compatible with all the latest generation smartphones the fon is granted allows you to disinfect your devices easily and quickly via a small, easily transportable case is available in several colors according to numerous studies our phones are 18 times dirtier than public toilets.


A Powerful Pu Wc Light That Destroys 99.9

Take them everywhere with us without having to think about cleaning them regularly. fiction has a powerful pu wc light that destroys 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria, and viruses that can land on your devices according to the manufacturer the bulbs can be used more than 24,000 times without problem result the company guarantees these opinion bulbs with uvc pool on the top and bottom.

The phone device is granted performs a 360 ° disinfection by reaching the smallest crack in the phone the device will automatically turn off after ten minutes of use when the disinfection is complete the fun base indicates via a small flash of light moreover the box charges your smartphone during its small session of the v2 charging port allow it to act as.

A Smartphone With An Acoustic Audio Amplifier

A universal charger for all types of a smartphone with an acoustic audio amplifier you will be able to hear your weapons and notifications even during the disinfection session [Music] this portable printer offers new functionalities the printer provides one to four distinct lines of code the messages can be printed on porous or non-porous surfaces without worry.

The device will therefore be ideal for printing on corrugated cardboard glass metal wood or concrete the device has a beautiful 3.5-inch color touch screen which amplifies, even more, the tool setting integrated laser guidance is included to allow more precise positioning of your prints the device also has an ergonomic handle to ensure comfortable handling the n2 jet use.

A Cleaning Cartridge Which Eliminates Automatically

A wide variety of fast-drying inks its maintenance is done easily and quickly thanks to a cleaning cartridge which eliminates automatically starts and resets the system the nzz communicates with all your other devices via wifi, BlueTooth or by cable USB finally on the autonomy side the device has 16 hours before having to be recharged here is a transport solar panel reliable patent.

It allows you to supply your electronic devices such as your tablets or smartphones with energy quickly recharge live when the sun is shining or store energy for later thanks to the battery integrated into the solar panels the panel is easily installed on the using the small easel you can make it stand on a table or near your camping tent a sundial is provided with to allow you to perfectly align your solar panel.

Its ultra-thin design allows you to take it everywhere with you they pass easily in a backpack by taking two places it will, however, be necessary to be careful with the rather fragile feet it could break easily if you are not careful [Music] Tonio t1 is an intelligent trash can by touching the touch button arranged on the bottom of the trash can you can grab the trash bag the lid closes by.


The Bin Detects Movements

Itself and automatically puts nt a new bag in place with sensors the bin detects movements and objects a few meters away no need to touch the bin it will open when you approach when the bin bag is too full the t1 automatically lifts the entire upper compartment for you allow the bag to be sealed and prevent waste spillage in this 15-liter bin the bags are vacuumed through the bin to ensure the bag is properly filled on the safe side .

The bin is designed to prevent injury if something appears in the bin stops its minimalist design allows it to adapt to all spaces and all lifestyles battery operated its charge allows it to last a month before being put back to charge [Music] this portable controller makes your devices smart even smarter it transforms your hand movements into customizable shortcuts for your devices you can now control the cursor and.

The input commands via this small perron bracelet can detect an application via the program installed by the user so you can send very distinct commands depending on each application the user assistance program analyzes your habits and your natural gestures to offer you personalized orders [Music] this table has succeeded in aligning elegant design technologies and kinetic art a metal ball rolls silently in the sand inside.


A Robot With Two Motors Called

The table was created by erasing two endless beautiful patterns rather considered as a side table it has two legs 55 cm high the outlines are in metal and the whole is covered with tempered glass and peace under the table is a robot with two motors called the 6 boots this robot moves a magnet which shoots a steel ball through the sand the motors are controlled by .

A small raspberry pi computer which links a set of files allowing to draw paths it does not have an on / off switch just plug it in so that they calibrate automatically they then load a playlist the speed and the lighting of the table at from a mobile application or using any web browser and is a powerful and precise household grinder the brand has reinvented the design of the coffee grinder notably by including professional quality 64 mm flat burs.

The Consistency Of The Grinding Particles

But also by adding 30 and a grind setting is a single dose loading for maximum bean freshness massive steel flat burs reduce grinding time and heat generation while increasing the consistency of the grinding particles aude dresses in an elegant cast metal frame and a matte black coating ensure class and sobriety to keep the coffee beans fresh the brand install a b top case completely airtight to keep the freshness of the beans even.

If you do not use them all during the day both can hold 80 grams of coffee in the loading chute or the equivalent of four cups of coffee and has managed to reduce the noise of the bean grinding this feat is possible by removing the gearbox and replacing it with a direct drive motor finally aude and monitoring the load on the motor to know the exact moment when the last coffee bean was crushed so it turns off automatically to prevent you from getting your fingers dirty .

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