Super Self Defense Gadgets Of 2021


9 SUPER SELF DEFENSE GADGETS OF 2021. I also remind you that some products are available on the overseas market and may not correspond to European standards so remember to inquire the news let’s not waste time and immediately discover nine great self-defense gadgets the defender tools are extremely thin objects that could pass for a simple piece of plastic and yet .


It Is Indeed A Self-Defense Weapon

It is indeed a self-defense weapon it allows you to hit any part of the body. the aggressor without fear of hurting all edges provide sharp and powerful hits but the gadget can also be used to block an attack or to disarm the person in front of you being made of plastic the gadget can be carried everywhere with you even on an airplane without worrying about ringing the security gates light is small.

It can be hidden in any bag or in a trouser pocket the kit includes a launcher 15 training projectiles and two batteries the lay flight combines a flashlight led and a be launcher to ensure your defense the balls are filled with a powerful pepper irritant which makes it possible to immediately neutralize an attacker and to avoid any risk of danger the ejection is done thanks to small metal co2 cartridges.

The Same Time Guaranteed For Life

When you remove the safety a guide is activated automatically for a more precise aiming this guide can also make it possible to dissuade your attacker from launching it ur can project the balls up to 20 meters and can hold five balls at the same time guaranteed for life and manufactured in California the last model of the manna of the mark provokes is perfectly adapted to all.

The delicate situations thanks to the kinematic technology the blade deploys quickly with a simple thumb press the blade is made of d2 steel and promises excellent edge retention the whole is resistant to time and corrosion thanks to an imperial white coating patented by the company the handle is in anodized aluminum to guarantee maximum lightness and durability, discreet and easy to handle.

The Knife Has A Discreet Pocket Clip

It may prove useful in the event of aggression, finally, the knife has a discreet pocket clip which is located flush with the handle [Music ] who said that jewelry could not be thielland defense self-defense rings are designed like normal jewelry but allow you to take with you a weapon to self-defense the ring is surmounted by a small decorative ball which hides a point in the event of aggression you only have to unscrew.

The ball to access it pointed and sharpened the point can tear the apo injured slightly or even collected from the DNA the little sharp point is also able to cut fabric, plastic and light metals to combine your ring with your outfit several designs are available and flowers are one of the many patterns available this little gadget looks adventurers fits easily in the palm of your hand small but strong. YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 NEW GADGETS OF A NEW GENERATION

This Gadget Can Also Follow You During

Its shape allows it to be useful in many situations there is a hole in its center for the past around your finger so you can easily defend yourself against an attacker but that’s not all this gadget can also follow you during your evenings with friends or camping it can also serve as a bottle opener thanks to its v-shaped notches on the top the other small hole is used to pass a strap through.

It so it can easily slip on your keyring or your belt made with a titanium alloy it is resistant and does not fear corrosion this small pistol and more seen as a toy and yet it can help you in case of aggression foldable is available in several colors it is easily stored and can be carried everywhere with you the structure of the pistols is entirely metal and.

Some parts are covered with a rubber band for more comfort accompanied by a keyring you can slip it easily on your bunch of keys, of course, the pistol does not fire a bullet but many rubber bands a bag is also provided to train you as well as a target although the rubber bands are not the vice they can slightly hurt and dissuade an assault [Music] compact enough to fit in one hand.


It Has A Beautiful Steel Blade

It is also robust enough to strip cut wires from cardboard or even slice more resistant materials measures a little less than 6 cm long it has a beautiful steel blade the quick release clip allows quick and easy handling when the knife is open a lock keeps the blade thin it can be attached to the zipper of a bag or a coat if the brass knuckles are already very impressive this one promises a perfect defense.

It has a paralyzing electric arc of 2 million of volts your attacker will be out of harm’s way for a long time, however, laeremans in itself is already a good deterrent the simple fact of activating the taser offers a rather strident noise the electric arc also becomes visible being to be waived all attempt the brass knuckles is equipped with a battery that recharges from the mains using the cable provided by the company .

It will take less than three hours for the fully recharging its autonomy will allow it to follow you for two good months if you do not use the taser a safety button is present on the top of the machine to avoid accidents two diodes are also present and allow you to indicate whether the battery is empty and the other lets you tell you that the taser is activated [Music] third in the line and.

To Scare Away Or Neutralize Any Type Of Aggressor

The Pixon brand pepper spray offers very reliable tools powerful and easy to use this is the type of weapon of ideal defense to scare away or neutralize any type of aggressor this tear gas gun projects a formidable and extremely irritating pepper gas which almost instantly causes a burning sensation in the eyes and respiratory tract the effects can last between 15 and 30 minutes.

Give you time to flee or call the authorities in addition to being powerful it is also precise since it is equipped with a viewfinder that allows you to As long as you shoot up to 4m you will be able to shoot twice with them before having to load them and a fixing clip is also provided is preinstalled on the pistol to allow you to keep it on the belt when needed or to carry it hooked a backpack and there you have it, friends, that’s it for today if you liked the article.

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