How Long Does Weed Stay Good?

Marijuana can remain potent for longer than you might anticipate, but it cannot last forever.Because, unlike milk and other foods, cannabis can decay over time due to a number of variables. Perhaps it can become moldy due to dampness in the storage container. In contrast, the flower may be exposed to high heat and dry conditions, which destroy all of the THC and other beneficial components.

There are a TON of elements that impact how long does weed stay good, and it’s crucial to give its shelf life a lot of thought after making your weekly dispensary purchase.And while there are no severe health hazards associated with smoking subpar cannabis flower, its diminished potency could mean you’re receiving less for your money.

What Is the Best Way to Store Weed?

How you should store marijuana depends on how much you have and how quickly you intend to use it. On the one hand, the marijuana that you intend to smoke within the next day or so only requires protection from light and heat. However, if you carefully control the surrounding circumstances, you can preserve cannabis for up to two years and maintain its quality. There are three main rules for the storage of marijuana. It should be stored somewhere dark, somewhere cool, and in an airtight container or a position where other odors cannot reach it.

The ideal way to keep cannabis, according to the majority of users, is in an airtight glass jar kept in a cold, dark room—not the refrigerator. However, you may also preserve cannabis for relatively extended periods of time in canisters made of stainless steel or aluminum and silicon grinders. As long as the container is made of an inert substance and is airtight, you can store marijuana for months. The end effect is a more enjoyable cannabis consuming experience.

Does Weed Lose Potency Over Time?

This can be a difficult subject, mainly because there are so many variables involved in preserving the flavor of your stash.It is true that marijuana loses part of its strength over time, but the amount depends on how it is stored. It will stay longer if it is stored in a cold, dark area. If you store it in a warm, humid environment, it will perish more quickly. If stored properly, cannabis can last for years without losing much of its potency.

However, if you do not properly store your cannabis, it can lose its potency within a few months. Studies indicate that cannabis loses approximately 16% of its THC in just one year after harvesting. After then, the plant may lose up to 26% of its THC after two years, 34% after three years, and nearly half after four years. To keep your marijuana as strong as possible, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark location. You should also avoid exposing your cannabis to light and heat, as these can hasten its decomposition.

Does Weed Get Old?

Weed evolves as it matures. Because not all trichomes have ripened sufficiently to crystallize into pure Delta-9 THC, freshly harvested buds are sticky, gummy, and not suitable for smoking. The harvested plants are dried to allow the buds to grow into smoking-ready buds. As these buds go through the market, they age, and the cannabinoids and organic composition of the cannabis undergo certain modifications over time. Fresh nuggets are abundant in delicious terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids such as CBD. As the buds age, the THC will gradually transform into CBN, which has distinct properties. Also, when the nuggets’ organic matter changes, they lose flavor and moisture, which has a direct impact on the smoking experience.

For pot to go bad, it must have aged to the point where there is little THC remaining, trace amounts of flavoring terpenes, and almost little moisture, meaning it will burn too quickly. Old marijuana has a poor taste, burns quickly, and is not particularly potent. Also, excessive dampness might cause weed to rot. In this instance, the weed may appear to be in decent condition, but the aroma will be off, and the inexperienced eye may mistake mold on the buds for more trichome crystals.

How Long Is Weed Good For?

How long is weed actually good for, and when does it become stale? If properly stored, marijuana can last for up to two years. The freshness of your righteous bloom will depend on your efforts to keep it. The most essential consideration is to limit its exposure to the elements. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, extending its shelf life will come effortlessly to you.

For instance, soon after opening the container to remove the bud, the lid must be replaced. Never allow it to sit open and exposed. Avoid windy and extremely ventilated environments. I suggest utilizing humidity packs to maintain the ideal level of humidity. There are also cannabis humidor boxes available, which are precisely intended to maintain optimal potency.

Never keep cannabis in a cigar or tobacco humidor, as these containers are generally lined with cedarwood. These oils could be harmful to cannabis and cause excessive humidity levels for your Mary Jane. Maintaining the correct levels of humidity will also guarantee that the smoke is not too harsh.

How Long Does Weed Last?

Let’s revisit that old bag of marijuana you discovered in the back of your closet. How do you determine if it is bad? Essentially, you are searching for the following:

  • Is there mold? If your marijuana was exposed to excessive moisture or humidity, it may grow mold. Do not smoke moldy marijuana!
  • Is it dehydrated? If your bud has disintegrated into dust, it is certainly past its prime.
  • Is the odor fresh? The aroma of old marijuana lacks the freshness of fresh weed.
  • Does it disintegrate? If a nub is squishy and makes no sounds when pulled apart, it may be moldy and moist. If it immediately decomposes into dry dust, it is too old.

Why Shouldn’t You Store Weed in the Fridge?

Your refrigerator is filled with a variety of food odors. These odors can mix even within sealed containers. Unless you are very certain that the container is airtight, storing your weed in the refrigerator can damage its aroma and flavor.

Additionally, refrigerator temperatures can fluctuate. Over time, fluctuating temperatures can degrade cannabinoids and terpenes. Your refrigerator may be dark and cool, but if you frequently open and close it to get food, your cannabis can still go bad faster than if it remained at a constant temperature.

What Makes Weed Potency Last?

The strength of marijuana is determined by the plant’s THC content. Therefore, the greater the THC concentration, the more potent the cannabis. Higher THC concentrations will always extend the potency and freshness of cannabis for six to twelve months.

However, other factors, such as how the plant is cultivated and how it is eaten, might affect the deterioration of marijuana’s potency over time. For example, cannabis that has been processed and reduced to oils and tinctures will retain its potency far longer than flower will.

How Long Can Weed Last In a Ziploc?

I’ve witnessed numerous individuals toss their hoard into plastic bags when on the road or when they had no other option. But can marijuana expire if stored in bags? Keeping your buds in plastic bags isn’t precisely advised, but it is possible if care are taken. Before closing sealed plastic bags containing marijuana, ensure that as much air as possible has been removed. Vacuum-sealing is relatively reliable if you have a huge cache of marijuana. If properly stored, marijuana can survive up to two to three months.

I reiterate that I do not encourage using plastic bags, but if you insist on doing so, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Never store your cannabis in plastic bags containing bisphenol A, a crucial component of many plastic items. This substance has been shown to be dangerous to humans.
  • If you store your cannabis in a bag containing bisphenol A (BPA), there is a high probability that these chemicals will reach your buds. In addition, static electricity in the plastic bags may separate trichomes from your treasured buds. You should avoid damaging these glands.How Tall is Kevin Hart?

Does Weed Lose Potency if It Dries Out?

Yes, dried marijuana loses some of its strength. The exact amount depends on how soon and how thoroughly the material dries. Typically, marijuana is dried slowly and at moderate temperatures so that it can be smoked. This method of drying does not cause the cannabis to lose potency because it is not completely dried. It should have sufficient moisture to preserve the flavor, aroma, and effects of cannabis.

The more rapidly marijuana dries, the worse it will taste and feel. Cannabis that dries rapidly loses a great deal of water in a short amount of time, thereby absorbing terpenes. In addition, it can degrade the psychoactive cannabinoids within the plant, rendering them inactive. This is also true of marijuana that completely dries out. Hashish that becomes crumbly or powdery to the touch has lost so much moisture that it is likely less potent and certainly less enjoyable to smoke.

So, Does Weed Go Bad?

Yes, cannabis goes bad. In fact, there are several ways in which it might go bad. On the one hand, if you let your weed go unused for too long or expose it to too much light or air, the bloom will become dusty, crumbly, and ineffectual. Conversely, if your marijuana is exposed to excessive humidity or other impurities, it may become moldy. And you should avoid inhaling mold smoke. This behavior can make you unwell.

Aside from the risk of being unwell from stale cannabis, maintaining its freshness will provide you with a superior product and an enhanced cannabis experience. The longer cannabinoids and terpenes are exposed to environmental conditions such as light and air, the more they degrade. If you want weed that tastes and smells amazing and gets you really high, you must properly care for it.

How Long Does Weed Last in Baggies?

Only store marijuana in a plastic baggie if you intend to smoke it shortly. Even if the plastic bag’s opening is sealed, marijuana remains fresh for only two to three months. There are several explanations for this.First, plastic bags are known for producing static electricity that attracts trichomes, the resinous components of cannabis that contain the majority of cannabinoids such as THC. The psychoactive components of the cannabis plant adhere to the interior of the bag, making them tough to remove.

Second, plastic bags are not as airtight as they appear to be. This causes humidity levels to fluctuate and water to evaporate, thereby removing cannabinoids and terpenes. The outcome is dry, harsh, and weak cannabis with more potent negative effects.

How to Tell if Weed is Bad?

Depending on what is wrong with it, weed that has gone bad or lost its potency can appear either ruined or normal. Here are a few indicators that your cannabis is not in optimal condition. Color is the primary indicator. Fresh buds are still a vivid shade of green with occasional purples and even oranges. Old cannabis has completely lost its green hue and is now brown and dingy. The odor is another key sign of aged marijuana. If the aroma is mild, peppery, or completely odorless, it is likely that the terpenes and cannabinoids have diminished dramatically with age.

If your cannabis has gone bad owing to excessive moisture, it may appear okay at first glance, but a deeper investigation will reveal what can go wrong due to excessive moisture. If you observe white spots on your buds that are not evenly distributed as trichomes should be, this may indicate mold. Also, if you tear apart a nub and observe a whitish interior, this is an indication of mold.

Does Stale Weed Lose Its Potency?

Yes, if your marijuana is stale, it has lost some of its strength. Tobacco that tastes and smells stale has lost some of its flavoring terpenes. This indicates that the weed has been improperly stored and that light, humidity, or temperature have degraded key plant chemicals.

However, stale marijuana likely has not completely lost its THC concentration. Terpenes are comparatively volatile, therefore they are typically among the first chemicals to decompose or evaporate. Cannabinoids are somewhat more robust, therefore they require more time to degrade. Thus, even if your marijuana is a bit stale, it will still have an impact.

If there is nothing growing on the bud and it does not smell terrible, it should be okay to use. Marijuana that has gone stale is ideal for converting into edibles or dabs, when the flavor is less important and the dosage is more concentrated.

Does Weed Lose Potency Over Time?

Now that we’ve addressed how long pot lasts in general, let’s examine the science behind why weed expires. It is prudent to learn what molecular changes occur when cannabis ages. Simply put, if key compounds that make you feel good are not correctly stored, they degrade over time. This is how marijuana gradually loses its strength.

Terpenes degrade, and the buds lose their aroma and flavor. We all enjoy the aroma of fresh weed, but old weed can have a bitter taste. If your marijuana doesn’t smell or taste as it should, you may be certain that the terpenes have degraded.

The same holds true with cannabinoids. If they degrade and disappear, the potency of your righteous buds will decrease. Essentially, all the compounds that contribute to your particular sensation degrade with time. How long have you been here? The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has conducted research on this subject on your behalf.

This is the pace at which THC potency degrades in cannabis plant matter:

  • After one year, cannabis loses roughly 16 percent of its THC content.
  • Two years of storage causes cannabis to lose 26% of its THC.
  • After three years, 34% of THC will have disappeared.
  • Four years later, cannabis has lost 41% of its THC content.

THC is what gives marijuana its potency, but it will soon diminish. Therefore, smoking it is, in my honest view, the wisest course of action.

What Makes Weed Potency Last?

The duration of your marijuana’s potency is determined by three primary factors: temperature, humidity, and light. The THC levels that give marijuana its psychoactive effects are fragile and can degrade in the incorrect settings. You can compare it to how some medications lose their efficacy when stored at high temperatures or how food becomes stale and unpleasant when exposed to air. Inappropriate storage degrades psychotropic chemicals as well as flavor and odor terpenes. If you want your cannabis to last longer, you must store it properly and shield it from the incorrect conditions. Here’s how to preserve your cannabis against the three most significant dangers to its potency.

Can Old Weed Make You Sick?

Not only does old marijuana taste awful and lack psychoactive properties, but it can also make you feel bad. Moldy marijuana can cause illness, especially when smoked. Additionally, moldy weed has a distinct flavor. It imparts a musty or sour taste to the smoke.

Smoking weed that is brown and dried out or of inferior quality can also irritate the lungs. It is possible for old marijuana to contain almost no moisture, causing it to ignite almost instantly when smoked. The quicker weed burns, the harsher the inhaled smoke will be. Intense smoke irritates and inflames the lungs and exacerbates coughing.

Where to Store Weed Properly?

If you want to preserve its strength and avoid it from drying out, you must store your marijuana correctly. When deciding where to store marijuana, the humidity must always be optimal. To manage temperature and humidity optimally, store your pot in a dry, cool, and dark location away from direct sunlight. Again, investing in humidity packs might make all the difference when it comes to preserving the quality of your weed. Typically, cannabis flowers are cured at room temperature and humidity levels between 60 and 65 percent.

The optimal way to keep marijuana is in an airtight glass jar with a humidity pack at a temperature between 15.5 and 20 degrees Celsius. A suitable container is required. After that, you should transfer your cannabis to a long-term storage facility, such as a cool, dark cellar.

Make sure to fill your mason jar halfway with marijuana and then set the humidity pack inside. Fill the remaining space and leave a bit of space on top. If your bloom is uncured, you can initiate the curing process by burping it for two weeks to regulate moisture. Place the jar in a cool, dark location for optimum taste buds for at least six months. Cannabis must be properly stored to maintain its freshness. However, if you want to learn how to conceal your stash, you may read our other article on how to conceal marijuana in your room and vehicle, as well as the best places to store it.

Can You Store Weed in a Cigar Humidor?

Yes, cannabis may be stored in a cigar humidor if done properly. Cigar humidors are designed to store tobacco, the other famously dried and smoked plant, in pristine condition for extended durations. The circumstances that keep tobacco fresh will also assist keep marijuana from deteriorating or losing strength for a longer period of time.

However, a cigar humidor cannot maintain the freshness of cannabis indefinitely, as it does with cigars. The majority of humidors are constructed of cedar wood. The aroma and smell of the wood will permeate your collection over time. This is a feature that cigar enthusiasts appreciate, but cannabis consumers do not. Therefore, you should keep your stash in a humidor for no longer than six months before the flavor begins to change.

You must also keep a tight check on the humidor’s humidity level. Some cigar humidors can maintain humidity levels as high as 70%, which is unsuitable for high-quality cannabis. Using a sophisticated humidor with a humidity meter can assist in maintaining ideal conditions for marijuana.


Unless you want to smoke your cannabis goods that day or the next, you must carefully store them. Keeping your pot in an airtight glass container in a cold, dark location will significantly lengthen its shelf life and preserve its THC content. This makes your bong hits more potent, prolongs the duration of your high, and enhances your whole experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About How Long Does Weed Stay Good?

What Happens if You Put Weed in The Freezer?

Keeping meats and pre-frozen vegetables in the freezer for long-term storage is a wonderful idea, but marijuana should never be frozen. When cannabis is frozen, the trichomes can freeze and shatter, releasing precious THC. As a result of ice crystals invading the cells of the organic plant substance, frozen weed can also decompose more rapidly when it thaws.

Looking for High-quality Storage for Your Weed?

If you want your weed to be powerful and flavorful for a long time, store it in a 420 jar in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight. We have everything you need to preserve the freshness and flavor of your cannabis for months on end. Examine our extensive selection of 420 Jars, stash bags, and secure storage containers.

Where to Store Your Stash?

Obviously, you need a location to store all those 420 Jars in order to safeguard them. Numerous little jars are best kept in an airtight, lockable storage container. If you simply want to keep your stash, pipe, and equipment together, a stash bag with a lock might be suitable. We provide a variety of cannabis humidors and stash bags.

Can Old Weed Make You Sick?

Not only does old marijuana taste awful and lack psychoactive properties, but it can also make you feel bad. Moldy marijuana can cause illness, especially when smoked. Additionally, moldy weed has a distinct flavor. It imparts a musty or sour taste to the smoke.

Smoking weed that is brown and dried out or of inferior quality can also irritate the lungs. It is possible for old marijuana to contain almost no moisture, causing it to ignite almost instantly when smoked. The quicker weed burns, the harsher the inhaled smoke will be. Intense smoke irritates and inflames the lungs and exacerbates coughing.

When Weed is Left in the Open?

Openly stored marijuana has a lifespan of around one month before it degrades noticeably. However, there are numerous techniques to keep your cannabis from degrading.

When Weed Is Stored Properly?

If your cannabis is stored in a dry, cool, sealed environment with as little oxygen as possible, it will last significantly longer. Without significant THC loss, weed can remain viable for six to twelve months if stored properly.

How Long Does Weed Last if It’s in a Jar?

So how long does marijuana last? In the best-case scenario, marijuana stored in a dark, airtight glass jar can last up to two years. Glass is an inert material, so it will not alter the taste, aroma, or potency of your stash. By tightly sealing the jar, you may minimize humidity swings that would otherwise cause your cannabis to dry out. In gloomy environments made by cabinets or opaque glass, no light will enter the jar to diminish the weed’s potency.

How Long Before Weed Loses Potency?

Without exception, marijuana loses potency with time, although it will do so more rapidly if stored in suboptimal settings. When cannabis is exposed to light, heat, and oxygen, it swiftly degrades. Additionally, exposing your buds to air and moisture is a formula for disaster.

How should I be storing my weed, anyway?

Light, humidity, temperature, and oxygen can all negatively affect the aroma, flavor, and potency of cannabis.Here are some factors to consider when keeping marijuana to keep it fresh and preserve its quality as long as possible.

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