This Is The Apple Factory Where The Iphone Is Manufactured

Introduction Of This Is The Apple Factory Where The Iphone Is Manufactured

THIS IS THE APPLE FACTORY WHERE THE IPHONE IS MANUFACTURED. any high tech news immediate boarding leaving immediately to discover the Chinese apple factory the apple brand has for several years subcontracted the manufacture of these electronic devices to the Taiwanese company Foxconn its founder terry gou is often nicknamed the Taiwanese Donald trump his company is listed at almost $ 5 billion more.


Employer In China With 1.3 Million Employees

It is the largest employer in china with 1.3 million employees in 2018 Foxconn manufactures electronics for several companies we note in particular Samsung hp or dell but its biggest customer remains apple which entrusts to it all of its iPhone production the smartphones are manufactured in the factory which is in the city of Wenzhou this city of 9 and.

A half-million inhabitants are located in the province from Hunan known in china to be one of the regions most hit by poverty it is also very often renamed the city of iPhone and this nickname suits it quite well since no less than 350 thousand inhabitants work for Foxconn and live off elsewhere on-site in the dormitory especially during the production of the last iPhone between June and October also at.

iPhones Are Created Per Minute Foxconn

At that time the factory was capable of producing 500,000 units in one day which means that 350 iPhones are created per minute Foxconn enabled the city to create other jobs and install many businesses such as restaurants, ready-to-wear stores,, or massage parlors these stores were launched to be a specially used by the Foxconn workforce and allow them to have fun and take time for themselves after long working days.

The 2 Enzo factory is specially dedicated to the last stage of the assembly of the iPhone that represents 400 different tasks performed discreetly by the factory workers most of the employees repeat the same gestures all day long this can range from the installation of a simple screw through simple welding to finish by the installation of the shell of the smartphone, however.

The Next Apple Smartphone If The Proposed Work

The workers do not change their position during the day, thus being able to spend more than eight hours in a row doing the same thing to be able to achieve their goals Foxconn is obliged to recruit every year, especially in the summer period just before the fall and the date of the announcement of the next Apple smartphone if the proposed work does not seem attractive to us.

That does not mean that the company is lacking candidates a new york university student went undercover in china to get an inside look at the company from his words all he had to do and mingle with the queue of waiting candidates in front of the doors of the factory he was then asked to state his identity and to recite the alphabet in English that’s all during.

The most intense period of the year one of the employees of the factory is stationed in front of the doors with a loudspeaker propose to all the people who pass to come to work whose factory as of now the student then found himself on a production line alongside two hundred other employees without surprise the young man quickly found the boring and repetitive work, however.


The Period The Most Intense Of The Year

He has never had to do or witness abuse by his superiors the only deviation that he was able to observe and to have once heard his superior raise his tone a little too brutally arrived during the period the most intense of the year the student found himself having to work many hours of overtime these hours should officially be voluntary but they quickly became compulsory under penalty of immediate dismissal.

the Chinese government even wished to support this company which employs many Chinese citizens to keep moving forward and populate the area to help them recruit faster and if the New York University student quickly found it difficult to support his work for six weeks several employees admitted face-to-face that a large turnover of employees took place after a year of work .

The province of Hunan has for a few years set quotas for the number of workers from neighboring towns and villages this quota would ensure the smooth running from the factory at any time of the year but above all, it balances the number of candies Depending on the gender, the age of workers varies between 18 and 25 years even if some interns can be hired from the age of 16 and. YOU CAN ALSO READ 8 FANTASTIC ELECTRIC BIKES TO ANOTHER LEVEL

The Summer Period Employees Are Strictly Prohibited

If Westerners are often challenged by the working conditions of the IT industry and electronics still offers much better conditions than the textile industry for example factory workers stay nearby thanks to dormitory buildings that can reach 12 floors eight people can share the same room and sometimes one only bathroom and shared with all floors, i.e. 200 people during the summer period, employees are strictly prohibited from resigning from their workstations, however, despite several surveys.

The majority of Chinese employees believe that there is worse in life than having a monotonous and little stimulating job Foxconn is neither better nor worse than other Chinese origins in which the various employees s could have worked moreover several associations for the defense of Chinese working conditions have carried out investigations the conclusions reports that the rumors about a potential brutality and very bad working conditions.

Were very exaggerated [Music] the fact of working six days by week and only being able to see his family on Sundays when he lives nearby is the only real complaint from employees raised by associations as all the big companies apple and Foxconn have their black spots here it is mainly about the condition of the Uyghur community although Apple is not directly linked to the controversy.

The Manufacture Of Macbook The Brand

Its image is somewhat blackened indeed according to many sources. catastrophic work until the theft of their wages by unscrupulous supervisors, however apple had already dealt with this kind of situation, in particular with the swing factory which is responsible for the manufacture of MacBook the brand at the apple had then preferred constructive conversations rather .

Then American bills which would probably not have led nowhere apple had informed swing that the forced labor of blady Sicily factory wished to keep contracts with the brand today living conditions in china are tending to improve and the cost of labor is becoming more important than ” previously the relationship is not necessarily always rosy between the two giants there is little Foxconn found.

The Robots On Certain Workstations Called In Internally

Itself in turmoil by exaggerating the demands of its staff to brew a little more profits and this illegally because of the increase in the price of Chinese labor in recent years Foxconn has also started to replace humans with robots on certain workstations called in internally the fox boots.

It would not be surprising to see the number of workers reduced to make room for robots but no matter how the iPhone of tomorrow will be made just let’s hope that they will be in line with the modern ideas that Apple continues to develop. sell us especially since the release of the iPhone 12 and here it is friends that’s all for today do not hesitate to tell us your feelings about the Foxconn factories and the partnership with Apple .

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