6 Foldable Smartphones That Already Exist On The Market


6 FOLDABLE SMARTPHONES THAT ALREADY EXIST ON THE MARKET. let’s go I’ll take you to discover the six foldable smartphones that already exist the galaxy z flip is a superb product that will please from the first use sometimes take the form of a small compact square sometimes a beautiful and long comfortable smartphone this product benefits from a neat finish and is quite usable in everyday life.


We Find A 6 7 Inch Panel With A Full HD

It is a foldable smartphone successful and attractive it does not benefit however no waterproofing certificate against water or dust be careful therefore to take care of it on the screen side we find a 6 7 inch panel with a full HD definition + everything is very pleasant to use the middle fold is visible but is quickly forgotten thanks in particular to the AMOLED technology particularly well mastered by Samsung .

The ultra-thin foldable glass layer offers a pleasant touch the software offers an interface or boredom 2.0 from Samsung which remains very pleasant to use on a foldable screen namely that a flex mode on the camera is interesting the external screen is quite practical but offers few options concerning the photo the double module arrives clearly in the top of the range of 2019 performance side the z flip enjoys.

The First Real Models Foldable Smartphones Motorola Brings

A lot of power which allows it to comfortably manage the most demanding games finally for autonomy the z flip can follow you all day long if it is used from importantly allow an hour to refuel the razer is one of the first real models of foldable smartphones Motorola brings back to the vie one of its most prestigious models the razer a flip phone released in 2005 except that .

Here the physical keys give way to a large folding screen of 6.2 inches the regulars of Motorola from another generation will not be disturbed since on the design side the brand has taken the same codes as its old model all the convoluted shapes allow the screen to move in the shell and to move slightly when closing the valve Motorola also succeeded in finding a format that does not mark the fold too much on the panel.

A Second Screen Appears Once The Smartphone Is Folded

It is quickly forgotten and almost completely disappears except in very specific conditions although it is a plastic screen the fact that the OLED panel is of course makes it really pleasant under the fingers and appears more qualitative than other competing models a second screen appears once the smartphone is folded, this allows in particular to reduce the number of requests. ions of the large screen and protect.

It from wear be careful if the large screen and mat and very readable the second 2.7 inches and shiny and may make it difficult to read under certain conditions on the side of the pure technical sheet there is a snapdragon 710 chip which does its job well and allows smooth use and intense gaming moments but offers 256 Giga of storage and a photo module without optical stabilization here. YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 INGENIOUS AND AWESOME VEHICLES YOU’VE NEVER SEEN

Fingerprints The Second Screen To Control Cases

We do not see a foldable screen from top to bottom and left on the right on the design side, you will first have to take the time to get used to being able to do two things at the same time for the rest of the device and black with a slippery finish that does not resist fingerprints the second screen to control cases since there is indeed a mirror on the top offering a monochrome display for the date, time and notifications.

The two screens are 6.4-inch balls with a resolution full hd more to please the eyes of users in terms of performance we find a snapdragon 855 chip that will do its job well and support the most demanding games the saliha si chip giga of ram and 128 giga of expandable storage up to 2 tera les photo modules offers the quality expected for a high -end phone and.

There is no real disappointment on this side, finally, the battery will be difficult to follow you for more than a few hours because of the gluttony of the two screens. surf is this duo is very thin and pleasant to handle it holds up well and offers a certain versatility with its excellent performance hinge we find a snapdragon 855 chip even if it is not the last generation the chip allows.

This 5.6-Inch AMOLED Fusion Are Good Caliber

The phone to run properly and provide some power the majority of mobile games will run easily both stage pixel screens this 5.6-inch AMOLED fusion are good caliber an adjustable in all circumstances we feel that the mission of the device is focused on productivity the mix between android 10 and Microsoft 365 is perfect we find all the strengths of android and the Microsoft overlay with a launcher.

And pleasant animations in terms of productivity the surface duo has it all figured out it offers the office pack and good videoconferencing tools finally on the autonomy side it’s good the smartphone can follow us for a day and a half before leaving to fill up with energy in a little more time one hour the OLED screen of the make xs folds back on itself this means that you can use it.

When the phone is closed the screen is beautiful no image distortion is to be deplored the interface resize perfectly and instantly in the right format no matter what you are looking at when the screen is folded down you have access to a beautiful 6.6-inch screen no notches are p present to keep the eye immersed the OLED screen itself is bright and offers sparkling colors to allow.

The Photo Modules Are Arranged Vertically

It to bend the screen is covered with plastic and not glass we notice at first glance eye ripples on the surface when it is flat, however, they are quickly forgotten comfortable and pleasant to use it is relatively thin and fits easily into a jeans pocket the photo modules are arranged vertically on a practical bar to hold the phone in tablet mode it never blocks the screen since even the notch to the girl comes to find.

Its place on the bar in terms of quality we find the same as on the pay 30 pros as indeed the rest from the technical and performance sheet we end with another samsung and to change we will start directly with these negative points it is heavy and peace is still not certified ip 68 maintena nt that it is said we find ourselves in front of a smartphone well finished.


A Snapdragon 865 Chip Plus Allowing Smartphones

And which does not spare the wow effect bewitching the crazy z of 2 is a jewel of technology the hinge of the pledges on this model a pleasant feeling of robustness the two screens amoled present are really excellent bright contrast and able to display a wide spectrum of colors the interior screen benefit from 120 hertz while.

The exterior benefit from 60-hertz performance side the crazy z of 2 is equipped with a snapdragon 865 chip plus allowing smartphones to be hyper efficient in all categories finally on the autonomy side we can easily survive this day but not much more because of the presence of the refresh rate at 120 hertz .

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