7 Ingenious And Awesome Vehicles You’ve Never Seen


7 INGENIOUS AND AWESOME VEHICLES YOU’VE NEVER SEEN. the novelties to the test part let’s discover immediately seven ingenious vehicles that you have probably never seen moreover rewarded by the Guinness book of records for the longest flight in overboard with a distance of 275.9 m the Omni is the real first overboard ever designed thought is manufactured by .


The Great Public The Prototype Presented

A Canadian team Omni is currently working on a prototype intended for the great public the prototype presented by the company can fly high enough to pass the trees and this control thanks to the slack body and weight of the pilot for the structure the team was inspired by the famous film back to the future in fact we see Marty McFly fly on a hoverboard the size of a snowboard.

If some companies succeed in raising their devices a few centimeters from the ground this is the very first time that we can see a real overboard rise to several meters in height [Music] if your scooter follows you everywhere in town or on small paths it is good more complicated to take it in the desert on the beach or in real rough terrain yx one was thought.

Then Remodeled And Electrified In Dublin By Moby

And designed in Israel by the inventor and Yann allot nor it was then remodeled and electrified in Dublin by moby the atypical vehicle and equipped with wide tires allowing it to climb and pass any obstacle and to roll on all the grounds allied with a motor powerful enough to cross the sand the mud or the dirt roads the yx one will please the most adventurous and speed enthusiasts by reaching a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

Its range of 50 kilometers will allow you to have fun for long minutes before having to set off again to refuel the device drives like a skateboard or a snowboard a small handle to keep you balanced and avoid unintentional falls been present , for a few years now, we’ve created two superb vehicles, each more eccentric than the next, the anonymous artist attacking.

The Bike Trip For 2 To Learn To Ride A Bike

A pirate on Instagram and above all a talented inventor the motorbike which allowed him to come out of the shadows and make the buzz in Pau room Trichet the front wheel the artist loves above all invented three-wheeled vehicles he is far from the bike trip for 2 to learn to ride a bike here the vehicles are sleek stylized and some models could even capsize.

The hearts of the biggest 6 d bikers have the past the horse was the partner is the most popular means of transport robots today take their place here the machine is produced from the latest robotics technology and dia to design a unique product is useful as partner robot he never leaves his owner to move around the robot turns into a vehicle as a faithful partner. YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 BEST KITCHEN GADGETS OF 2021 ON AMAZON

A Tablet For Traveling Pink Kango Turns Into Ride Mode

He follows his owner everywhere even in shopping centers up to a certain distance kangour’hop come back and find his owner thanks to a call made from a smartphone or a tablet for traveling pink kango turns into ride mode a bit like a scooter it supports its owner and almost becomes the continuity of the individual’s body to drive it you just have to lean to the right or.

To the left, for them, Kangaroo Turns also has a built-in body sound system depending on travel speed it generates pulses equal to that of the heartbeat directly transmitted via the saddle to allow riders to recognize the speed at which it is traveling via the optical system the steering is also equipped with a force feedback allowing the direct transmission of the radius of the turn in the arms of the driver.


Avoid Trial Collisions Is A Small Vehicle On Four Wheels

A smart stop function automatically applies to the brakes to avoid trial collisions is a small vehicle on four wheels that is as stable and comfortable as a car in a traffic jam or lack of place on a trip aux parking lot becomes as agile and thin as a motorcycle all this is possible thanks to the revolutionary concept of variable geometry of the chassis with two operating modes the vehicle does not exceed 140 8 cm in width .

And can reach a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour when the vehicle is in car mode in moto Trigo mode has slow driving the width of the vehicle does not exceed 86 cm with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a turning radius of three and a half meters no need to stop the vehicle to exit or store the wheels the system is capable of carrying out the task by driving in both modes .

Driver Included Still Prototype The Dragonfly Is An Electric Vehicle

The vehicle will be able to board up to two people driver included still prototype the dragonfly is an electric vehicle of 560 kg certified m 1 it has an aluminum frame with a linen cabin a solar roof of a vacuum cleaner of fine particles and hydrocarbons this car allows in particular of the role and in an ecological way and especially to clean the air which surrounds.

It the dragonfly embeds an electric motor of 7 to 11 kg watts according to the model chosen the batteries have a variable weight and will be defined with the user according to his real needs, however, it does not exceed 100 kg a range extender made up of a generator and a motor explosion of 10 kilowatts accompanies everything the capture of fine particles is done 24 hours a day thanks to.

The latest generation air filter this filter can clean the equivalent of three to twelve apartments of 75 square meters per day of course this filter meets all the requirements of the new ISO 16 1890 standard adopted in 2016, moreover, the company Keith carr, which designs the dragonfly, hopes to be able to quickly start up this type of filter for all types of cars soon if it seems that more like a soccer ball.

It Perfect For Walks And Trips In Town

This device especially allows to move everywhere easily the jars obole has a durable composite rubber finish which makes it perfect for walks and trips in town it also has a footrest that retracts to at the touch of a button and can be easily transported thanks to the integrated carrying handle a carrying case s couple accompanies the small vehicle to control it you just have to learn to manage its speed and .

Its turns the Giraud ball is equipped with features offering agility and foolproof mobility the self-balancing software does the rest to avoid falls the patented technology allows the device to reach the speed of 20 km per hour and reach a range of 24 km and that’s it, friends, that’s all for today if you liked the article do not hesitate to like I remind you that you will be able to find all the information concerning the vehicles .

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