Best Ingenious Helicopters Of 2022


7 Best Ingenious Helicopters Of 2021. let’s discover the seven most ingenious helicopters, six guys who is a specialized American manufacturer in the manufacture of airplanes and helicopters, acquired in 2015 by the Lockheed martin group, the company has a good turnover of 6 billion 600 million dollars Sikorski is launching a demonstrator called x 2 in 2015 which aims to prove.

Best Ingenious Helicopters Of 2021

Since Exceeded By The Europeans Of Eurocopter

That helicopters can go twice as fast as their current speed the goal is reached 5 years later with an unofficial record of 4 63 km record since exceeded by the Europeans of Eurocopter if the performance is possible it is in particular thanks to two rotors this coaxial rotary contract and a propulsive propeller which comes to take place at the back of the apparatus thanks to.

This prototype the company can now embark on the construction of the s90 be a leader the machine is intended for the American army and will be able to transport six soldiers over a distance of 600 km at a speed of 400 km r to achieve this feat the manufacturer has equipped the Koppers with ‘a 2600 horsepower engine the two rotors are still present and.

The Choice Of The US Military

The propellant lilies at the rear easily exceed the two diameter rings still in the race with the company bell the choice of the US military will not be fixed before 2023 and its commissioning should take place around 2028 manufacturing helicopters since 1976 the bell helicopter company is one of the pioneers in its field it took advantage of the international trade fair. national and export in 2017 to present.

Its latest product, the f600 1, although there is no question for the moment of seeing this type of device be mass-produced beautiful desired to highlight the image of the helicopter of the future we find on the helicopter a tail rotor which has been replaced by electric blowers the five rotor blades are variable geometry that allows their ends to change shape depending on the flight phases and to be futuristic until.

That Could Be Piloted Via An Augmented Reality Headset

In the end, the fix 001 does not have any flight controls in the cockpit beautiful setting here on a device that could be piloted via an augmented reality headset and which will be helped by artificial intelligence besides belle has been able to put take advantage of his passion for augmented reality since it took barely six months for the f600 to see the light of day against 5 to 7 years normally.

If the feat is possible it is in particular thanks to the VR which replaced the models and physical prototypes with digital creations the economy of tone also becomes a saving of money since the company estimates that it saved several million dollars created by Eurocopter subsidiary of eads this t2 is an improved version of its large brother thee ses 145 the t2 now combines advanced technologies and offers.


The Helicopter Takes On Board The Latest Engine Technologies

A proven system without a rotor hinge Ali a monolithic titanium jersey the reinforcement of the rotor blades now guarantee a low level of noise and vibrations if the helicopter takes on board the latest engine technologies its interior has also been given a facelift the t2 has been given a new look by Mercedes-Benz the interior is directly inspired by high-end vehicles by the brand.

It is distinguished in particular by woodwork pleasant ambient lighting in the cabin and in the multifunction lockers, another advantage of this cabin is that it is fully modular and thanks to its ut this the t2 adapts to a wide range of downgrading needs professional or family trips it is suitable for all situations the seats are directly fixed to the rails and can be easily removed to leave more room for the luggage space.

It can accommodate up to twelve seats and be configured for one or two pilots at present the device already equips the gendarmerie and civil security and supports them in particular in their search and rescue missions in the mountains. the Eurocopter company obtained the speed record in 2013 with a speed of 472 km per hour it is still today.

The Fastest Helicopter In The World

The fastest helicopter in the world to reach such a speed the European demonstrator and is equipped with a new fairing located at the level of the main rotor plus these five blades but it could also count on a frank aerodynamic improvement two propellers are also installed d Either side of the aircraft directly on small fixed wings, the x3 is thus perfectly suited to missions requiring high-speed flights over long distances while maintaining.

Its full vertical flight capabilities at all times. stationary certified since July 2020 the helicopter h 160 will join the gendarmerie in 2023 this device from 5.5 to 6 tonnes market in 2015 when it was presented a real technological breakthrough in its design and in these systems the HB 160 ha forms and functions under appreciable aesthetic features it integrates on.

Its own 60 8 new technologies all patented by airbus helicopter this among others it is transport capacity its range of action and its operational efficiency allow it to respond to a wide range of missions its cruising speed and of 296 km per hour and can carry 12 passengers over just under 300 km for operations in he gas or oil sector, its range increases to 8,134 km and is equipped with a reserve of 20 additional minutes for public service missions.


The First Civilian Aircraft Equipped With A Cell

Where search and rescue operations one of the greatest technological innovations present on this device is located at the level of the blu age blades which reduces the level of external noise by 50% Cepal also allows to carry 100 kg of additional payload the h60 is also the first civilian aircraft equipped with a cell in composite technologies as well as the cell is lighter, more robust and resistant to corrosion and wear.

This lifespan is almost unlimited and its maintenance is considerably reduced real attack helicopters the new version of the tiger signed by Eurocopter should quickly see the light of day the french model should embark a brand new missile from Zambia the latter allows the neutralization of combatants but also targets by ndées or even infrastructures day and night up to 8000 m in combat configuration.

The tiger to carry eight missiles on board it will also be able to arm drones and land vehicles without difficulty the first models of tigers have been designed and designed at the end of the cold war if the technology inside has evolved and I am modernizing the tiger is still one of the best combat helicopters thanks to very powerful optronic equipment it sees very well and very far than this either in mali or elsewhere.

It Has Been Designed To Perform Combat Missions

Its role is often to monitor and secure an area of operations in support of ground troops it ends with another combat helicopter owned by the company being has chosen to feel the case of apache longbow is designed for being the most powerful anti-armor weapon system it has been designed to perform combat missions by day and night but also in bad weather.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic technology and an exceptional fire control system the apache can be loaded with 16 missiles of 76 request is since 2002 carried away with its automatic cannon its top speed reaches 300 km/hour and its autonomy can reach 1900 kilometers with additional tanks two pilots can take place within the device.

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