7 Best Cheap Laptop Computers


7 BEST CHEAP LAPTOP COMPUTERS. hi, everyone, I hope you are well we meet again today to discover the best laptops for budgets under 500 euros but before starting I remind you that you can find all the links to the products in the test part let’s discover immediately .


Best Cheap Laptops Signed Acer This Combo

The seven best cheap laptops signed Acer this combo that offers a finish particularly clean and neat metal, a rare thing with the 14-inch touch screen and mat which greatly improves readability we particularly appreciate the full HD resolution the configuration is also very attractive, especially the 8 gigs of ram and the 2129 gigabyte SSD the n4200 processor is not the fastest but it is more.

Than enough to run the google bone in very good conditions added to all a thunderous autonomy of a good ten hours and you get one of the best machines in terms of value for money at the moment its only real flaw is the bones of google which could not meet the needs of everyone known among other things for its superb models XPS 13 dell also offers other entry-level models rather not bad.

We Find 8 Gigs Of Ram And An SSD Of 256 Giga

And the Inspiron 15 3000 is the example so of course the construction all plastic is not sexy but the chassis is solid it can easily access the train and storage for those who would like to add moreover its basic configuration is already well muscled we find 8 gigs of ram and an SSD of 256 Giga but it is especially the raizen 3 3250 processor which is interesting the latter therefore offers more than correct performance the 15-inch screen lacks a little brightness.

But its full HD resolution is still very appreciable if on the Huawei site the computer somewhat exceeds the budget it is quite possible to find it within your budget among the strengths of this pc we find a more than correct screen and above all a remarkable manufacturing quality in in addition to the metal frame we have the right to a good keyboard and even a fingerprint reader.

The Integrated Graphics Part Is Capable

We also like the three USB connectors has in addition to age friends and the USB port it is inside we find a processor and raizen 5.35 million in practice the performance is always excellent and the integrated graphics part is capable of running all light games in very good conditions the autonomy is itself up to expectations and far exceeds eight hours beware the 15-inch format will not suit everyone.

The Acer Swift 3 adopts a very successful brushed aluminum frame which gives a first solid appearance it will not bend under the fingers ts and has the merit of being a real go-anywhere just like the other models in the range the computer is equipped with a fingerprint reader located next to the keyboard on the performance side the Swift 3 is equipped with an AMD raizen 5 3500 us processor supported by 8 gigabytes of ram.


The Road Promise Kept With Less Than 2 kg On The Scale

And a 512 gig SSD it’s solid and performance is at the rendezvous in terms of autonomy the swift 3 is designed as a hypermobile device it must therefore keep the road promise kept with less than 2 kg on the scale and especially an autonomy that exceeds 9 hours dell had already partnered with google in 2015 to offer a 13- inch Chromebook but it is only at the start of the year that.

The manufacturer is backing up with even smaller an 11-inch computer mainly intended for students, dell is thus following in the footsteps of its competitors to be able to impose itself on a booming market the empty coc crisis forcing every the pupils and student to work from home the Chromebooks have become a low-cost solution in addition to being ultra-compact.

And easy to use the 3100 has an intel Celeron n 40 20 processors with two cores and 32 gigabytes of storage. the choice between 4 and 8 gigabytes of ram for the screen of it opts for a sufficient HD panel in most cases with a kilo 3 on the scale and autonomy of nearly 14 hours the little dell has something to seduce here this what is attractive are the components of the device for the price and. YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 COOL GADGETS ALL MEN SHOULD USE

A Plastic Frame With A Beautiful Silver-Gray Finish

Its elegance the Chromebook has a plastic frame with a beautiful silver-gray finish we are faced with a 15.6-inch full HD screen and excellent qualities an intel Celeron processor and 4 gigabytes of ram make it possible to easily run all office tools with a storage space of 64 Giga its memory is much superior to its direct competitors and will delight students in need of spaced storage all coupled with.

The chrome os operating system will do wonders in multitasking finally this ultraportable offers several connections including 1 usb 3 0 and 2 usb c is especially able to follow you for 12 hours in your day our last computer is an old-fashioned model 10 primarily intended for office automation here hp provided the basic service by offering a brushed plastic chassis.

That would have the ugly tendency to crack under the fingers the trackpad is classic but above all responsive and the plastic keyboard remains very basic the race is a little short and the feeling of typing is not unpleasant on the performance side hp has equipped the computer with an AMD processor at 9 94 20 supported by 8 gigs of ram performance certainly modest.

Moreover These Five Short Hours Of Autonomy

But which will be amply sufficient for office work finally concerning autonomy and mobility this hp is not what one could call a nomad e with its 2.1 kg, we will be more inclined to leave it wisely at home than to want to transport it moreover these five short hours of autonomy do not allow you to leave .

It is too far from the charger. address to those who need it and are looking for a device at a low price despite its fairly low performance and its autonomy far behind the competition, it will be very practical for all those looking for a small laptop for basic household tasks.

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