7 Cool Gadgets All Men Should Use


7 COOL GADGETS ALL MEN SHOULD USE.[Music] where hi everyone and I hope you are well we meet again today to discover seven new and pretty cool gadgets that all the men in the chain should have at home but before going any further I remind you that you will be able to find all the links of the products and to click on the bell of the notifications to not miss.


The Test Part Let Us Discover Right Away These Cool Gadgets

The novelties to the test part let us discover right away these cool gadgets that all the men should have the spyder tool holster is designed to improve comfort and the way we carry our power tools no longer need to walk around with a case or large pouch for your tools the holster is a belt-mounted carrying system just task and around your hips to attach the elastic grip that fits all power tool handles and slide.

It inside you for Also insert a small additional screw to further strengthen the holding power or to create a safety lock, however, you will still have to be careful when leaning forward as the heaviest power tools could slip out of it. holster and you accidentally injured for this kind of tool it is strongly advised to set up the locking system [Music] it is always useful to equip yourself with a hand truck and even if .

The Devil Offered By Cosco Is Ideal The Hand Truck

It means buying one the devil offered by Cosco is ideal the hand truck lets you move heavy loads without your injuries and effortlessly the Cosco hand truck is lightweight and its multi-position design allows you to transform it into a four-wheeled cart in seconds when you’re done to use it, you just need to fold it up very compact it can fit in any car trunk.

And will not take up space in a garage for the transformation into a trolley, you just have to pull the handle so that the magic operates no need for tools or a bachelor’s degree in DIY to use this hand truck you can also modify the wheels of the device according to your your needs the one supplied with the hand truck are quite thin and might not correspond to your expectations finally.

A Screwdriver A Jigsaw A Circular Saw A Scroll

The transformation into a four-wheeled trolley is managed by large springs so remember to take the time when unfolding to avoid advising your fingers this versatile toolbox and 12 in one it transforms portable tools into a bench-top tool in a few seconds, including inside a screwdriver a jigsaw a circular saw a scroll saw a drill a headband.

If a cut-heating table that goes with a table sander a mini lathe a work light and a lantern the converter allows benchtop tools to operate directly from the mains you just have to plug the base into any electrical outlet to have access to all your tools you do not have access to electricity any worries a battery is present to allow you to use your toolbox absolutely everywhere.

This gadget allows you to find all your favorite tools in the same place everything is easy to transport and allows you to save space of course the tools are all safety standards they are durable easy to use who says DIY says body aches, bad posture, and accidental injuries should it allow them to meet the needs of transporting heavy loads moving large objects the attachment was developed by a professional mover to facilitate lifting although.


Adjusted To Your Body Shape To Install The Harness

It is available in one size only it can be adjusted at will to be adjusted to your body shape to install the harness It’s nothing could be simpler, you just have to pass the x-shaped part in your back the straps located at the back in the back are deliberately thicker to distribute all the weight of the object evenly and avoid injuries afterward you will need a center and.

The lifting strap is the object worn once done you just have to adjust the strap to your height by inserting it through the buckle and adjusting it to your size the accessory is the incapacity to lift up to 360 kg without risk the bed art Chul comes with everything needed for two people a snow brush is very useful for anyone who lives in a snowy climate the brush can s ” extend to two lockable positions so all vehicles can be cleared easily.

And quickly the smallest size allows the accessory to be stored without taking up too much space the scraper is made from resistant and non-abrasive nylon to avoid scratches on the windshield it is also equipped with an antifreeze additive to resist the cold a small foam penguin eliminates any risk of scratches the whole is mounted on a zinc alloy and stainless steel to stay light. YOU CAN ALSO READ SMARTPHONE OUTPUTS PLANNED VERY SOON

Brush Is Specially Designed And Designed For Men 3

And withstand repeated use a storage bag is also included to store your package and avoid dirtying the trunk of your car once your snow removal is finished this cleaning brush is specially designed and designed for men 3 in 1 it meets all your needs to take care of your skin the brush uses an advanced ti sonic cleaning and anti-aging system that repairs the skin after shaving leaving it soft.

Fresh and luminous the anti-aging system works thanks to the 8000 pulsations per minute which are diffused through the silicone nubs allowing a deep cleansing which eliminates 99 5% of impurities and excess sebum without forgetting it dead skin cells for simple skin cleansing you just need to apply your favorite face cleanser and clean with circular motions on your face for a minute don’t forget to rinse and voila.

To Better Manage Your Sports Activity The Integrated GPS

We finish this top with a watch that will undoubtedly embellish the wrist of men the Garmin phoenix 6 has everything to please thanks to its many features it is ideal for those who wish to combine design and peak performance it is equipped with a heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter to allow you to better manage your sports activity the integrated GPS allows you to navigate without fear in your environment running on battery.

The watch tells you at all times when it needs to be charged it can also be paired with a smartphone to allow you to manage your notifications and alerts directly from your PO get finally it is equipped with contactless payment patented by the Garmin brand so you will no longer have to take out your card to pay everything is done from your wrist oh yes and of course, it tells you the time and the weather and here are friends that’s all for today if you liked the article do not hesitate to like

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