Smartphone Outputs Planned Very Soon

Introduction of Smartphone Outputs Planned Very Soon

SMARTPHONE OUTPUTS ARE PLANNED VERY SOON. let’s go let’s discover the smartphones that will be released very soon if the CAC 40 was released on March 26 the last one we hoped for a date is identical for his successor it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of May 2021 to see the last born of the Chinese brand but what to expect exactly.


The Number Of Cameras Could Vary The Pro + Version

If the leaks have been numerous about him we are starting to get a clear idea of what pay 50 might look like so we might have to make a smartphone with a huge box to accommodate the rear camera this one will be divided into two large openings or depending on the model the number of cameras could vary the pro + version could accommodate five cameras while.

The standard version would opt for a quad system for the size holders of the p 40 pro will not be disoriented since the pay 50 would have roughly the same measurements a small pellet would come to feign the curved screen inlaid in a minimalist frame for pay 50 pro the standard version would be equipped with a flat-screen, stereo speakers and player. ‘ fingerprints take place under the screen as usual .

A Refresh Rate At 120 Hertz The Pay 50 Meanwhile

The light model should disappear to make room for the p 50 p50 pro and p50 pro plus on the display side, the pay 50 pro has a 6 Thursday 6 inch screen OLED quad HD more with a refresh rate at 120 hertz the pay 50 meanwhile has a 6 2 or 3-inch screen OLED full HD plus with a refresh rate at 90-hertz concern owing to the performance we still know little about what Huawei foresees we suspect.

That the kirin 9000 chip would take place on the p5 in care since it is already the one that is present on the 40 c mail on the photo that the we are impatiently awaiting Huawei at the latest news the pay 50 would have such an ultra-wide main lens the pay 50 pros with the main periscope than ultra-wide and pay 50 pro plus an ultra-wide main lens of a periscope a short focal length telephoto lens and a still-mysterious 5th camera, finally as you might expect.

The Software Solutions From Huawei

Google will still not be present on the new models of the Chinese brand although the software solutions from Huawei are excellent and are based on an android heart we know in advance that the absence of the American giant will be felt on sales however Huawei has been working for some time on its bone harmony the owners of oil pro should be there The first to see the update appear on their phones.

It remains to be seen what this new os will bring the user experience the one + 9 pro has been out for less than a month is what we can say is that ‘it is very successful the brand has made an impressive effort to keep the smartphone under the bar of 200 grams the comfort of use and more than the whole guy the screen borders have been redesigned for even more visual comfort and .

The Screen Is 6 Or 7 Inches AMOLED In Quad HD

The buttons are perfectly placed the screen is 6 or 7 inches AMOLED in quad HD plus definition with a refresh rate of 120 hertz the whole is bright and contrasted and well defined the screen is simply excellent on the software side we find as always bone oxygen which remains a safe bet simple fluid it allows customization of the device the interface is based on Android 11 is regularly updated for performance the one + 9 pro is equipped with.

The snapdragon 888 chip which is suddenly at 12 Giga of ram it is currently the best possible combination it excels without any great surprise in absolutely all for the photo the one + 9 pro is also making a lot of efforts there although it still lacks a bit of versatility the rest is excellent and almost tickles the quality of Samsung s21 ultra finally autonomy side we find ourselves facing a smartphone marathoning even.

Expect A Price Of 4 And Chiefly For The Latest Born

When used intensively the phone will easily follow you a whole day more thanks to the ultra-fast charging l The device regains its health in less than 45 minutes if the million is already available since February its ultra version will be released at the end of April and if chahoumi has long offered us smartphones at very good value for money, expect a price of 4 and chiefly for the latest born because of.

Its very high-end design functions we find the same facies as on the standard million in AMOLED screen of 6th grows him with all the c modern comfort of a high- end product in 2021, i.e. a refresh rate of 120 hertz a wiki definition of the most wholesale it will be the sharpest and brightest screen on the market another point very impressive the rate sampling of the touchscreen it should reach speeds of up to 480m which means.

That the screen reaction to gesture and typing should be instantaneous the ultra should also be designed to survive everyday life it will therefore be resistant to water and dust a little heavier than the one + 9 a million ultras is curved on all four sides making it more comfortable when handling it on the camera side it ends up with the main module of 50 megapixels with optical stabilization an ultra-wide module of 40 8 megapixels.

It Is An Equipped With A Snapdragon 888 Chip

A periscope x 5 zooms of 40 8 megapixels and a small OLED screen positioned at the back for the selphy concerning its performance we already know a lot we know that it is an equipped with a snapdragon 888 chip and 12 gigs of ram all accompanied by 256 GB of storage without possible extension finally on the battery side of 5000 balance our pair should come and hide under the device if.

It promises long hours of life we especially appreciate that the charge is very fast allowed to refuel in 38 minutes now completely independent of Huawei honor released its first solo smartphone in January in china level 40 saw its stocks go up in smoke in less than four minutes however in the north does not announce an international release before the month of July to make you wait here is .


a storage capacity of 256 Giga name being able

What the device looks like for its first smartphone in the north has integrated the chip says man city miles over MediaTek all with 8 gigs of ram a storage capacity of 256 Giga name being able to come to keep them company it also has a magic Huey bone and a beautiful android 10 interface plus it has a screen 6.7-inch OLED with 120-hertz refresh rate and quad HD resolution more from.

What we know is it has three photo modules on the back a 50-megapixel main sensor it has a battery of 4000 hours glass allowing the device to easily follow you over a day and a super-fast search and now we have to wait for the x3 Proulx was released in March 2021.

If the brand has remained discreet for a long time this is not the case today with its high-end smartphone sold at a little over 1000 euros if the design can leave some a little puzzled it has the merit of being daring and well mastered it opts for a homogeneous aesthetic on the back despite a very impressive photoblog the matte finish and the controlled weight of the device brings very good comfort in hand the 6 by 7-inch screen offers. YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 Best Connected Sports Mats For The Home

A Refresh Rate Of 120 Hertz And A Quad HD + Color Definition

A beautiful AMOLED panel with a refresh rate of 120 hertz and a quad HD + color definition os offers almost unlimited interface customization results on almost takes pleasure in rummaging through all the options offered to adjust the user experience the biggest highlight since this 3 pro and its photo quality it is an excellent choice for lovers of shots the colors are just exceptional and.

The phone is extremely versatile watch especially in its microscope function which arrives as the icing on the cake concerning the performances the xo-3 pro is equipped with a snapdragon 888 processor it is thus able to deploy an impressive power that it is for the video games or the Finally remains on the autonomy side the latest dopo offers a lifespan of nearly 48 hours and if that is impressive tell yourself that.

It is necessary alone ely thirty minutes to regain all of your energy and here they are friends that’s all for today if you liked the video do not hesitate to like I remind you that all the products are to be read in the description social thought at bonal hng to click on the notification bell so as not to miss the news as for me I will meet you very quickly for new high tech discoveries take care of yourself baba .

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