7 Bikes Of The Future You Must See In 2021

Introduction of 7 Bikes Of The Future You Must See In 2021

7 BIKES OF THE FUTURE YOU MUST SEE IN 2021. let’s immediately discover 7 bikes of the future that will amaze you after more than three years of development and numerous tests the cyclotron could well become the future evolution of our current bike here is a fully connected intelligent and versatile bike it is equipped with many innovative features.


The Bike Also Had The Right To A Quick Boost

That can be controlled from the cyclo ap application the cyclotron will be equipped with spokeless wheels this innovation allows to have more space for storage as the brakes are fully integrated into the aerodynamics of the handlebar is clearly improved the tires of the bike also had the right to a quick boost made with polymer the tires do not need to be inflated and.

There is no risk of punctures the mudguards are directly integrated into the wheels for even more speed result nothing sticks out of the bike the gearbox has he also had the right to a completely integrated facelift the gear changes are done in less than a second thanks to the e-gear boxing technology the gear change becomes electronic to increase or reduce .

The Bike Are Activated By The Automatic Light Sensor

The speed just clicks on the bike as you can click on a mouse all the lights of the bike are activated by the automatic light sensor this turns them on or off depending on the situation your visibility is clearly improved the auto-charging li-ion battery supplies the lamps for more than eight hours without engaging the internal dynamo the application tells you when your battery is low the battery is located inside .

The seat post and can be easily removed for charging in addition to monitoring the battery the application provides access to all the cyclist’s data in real-time a navigation system is also present as well as an interactive coach for your various training sessions, the application can also notify you of traffic jams and accidents that are in your path, namely.

It’s Hard To Find Suitable Bikes

That a subscription will be sold with each cyclotron to be able to have access to the entire application concerning the materials used on the cyclotron should be made of carbon fiber for the time being solid rigid the and Egypt the bike should be wireless monocoque comes in three different sizes in the city it’s hard to find suitable bikes to be able to shop or take the children of your bike at school result in from the car quickly.

Becomes the easy solution there are few bikes suitable for transport and few These models that exist are very often expensive and bulky, which is why in Dubai, which was designed and designed with a two-wheel chassis replacing the front wheel of your usual bike, the hat bike quickly turns into a smart and economical urban tricycle . ” this involves transforming your existing bike quickly into.


The Curry Shop To Transform Your Bike

A trike without having to buy a new bike once the bike is attached to your bike you can choose the module most appropriate to your needs you will have the choice between the Kariba hayes which allows you to wear objects of almost all sizes the curry box which allows you to simply transport objects or even one or two children the curry shop to transform your bike into a caddy the caribou which allows you to transform your bike into a real stroller on the characteristics side.

The outback has a pendulum system with integrated shock absorbers to maintain driving comfort the binding is simple and solid and is direct ectly on the fork of the bike to guarantee flexibility and safety on board a crutch is also present to stabilize the bike once at a standstill for this bike it is a question of combining lightness and aerodynamics presented by the English cycling champion Chris Boardman.

This bike sees some parts of its skeleton disappear among others the spokes of the wheels and the seat tube disappear the chains are also eliminated from the prototype but even more this bike which should see the light of day by 2029 could be completely connected by example it could be unlocked through fingerprint recognition the tires would become self-inflating and puncture-proof a small computer would be present . YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 BEST BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS OF 2021

The Motor Would Be Managed By Solar Energy

And could be able to count pedal revs and calories and light made of carbon fiber it would become very light from more the lighting of the bike as well as the motor would be managed by solar energy if there is today the bike would cost a little over five hundred thousand euros the cycling champion assures that once mass-produced its price could drop to around 2000 euros big winner of .

The Oregon design project manifested in 2015 denial is a prototype of a bicycle designed for city dwellers manufactured and designed in Seattle by Teague and Sizemore bicycle the bicycle offers very interesting advantages and functions for its user among others this bicycle has an anti-theft system integrated directly into the handlebars an intelligent luggage carrier a guard mud of reduced size an electric assistant the gear change.

And automatic lighting is also present officially marketed since it is however very difficult to get hold of this exact model however we keep the hope of seeing it develop in the coming years the flying bike has been talked about for a few years and if some models have tried to be marketed it At present no real model exists on the market the images of the concept created by design your dreams show a prototype three and .

The Project Imagined A Means Of Locomotion Making

A half meters long and two and a half meters wide with 85 kg on the scale we do not locates more in the light and transportable means of transport the engineers of the project imagined a means of locomotion making it possible to overtake the cars whose drivers are sometimes reluctant to share the road this flying bike has a battery which provides.

It is between three and five minutes flight and a top speed of 50 km/hour however no engine on the menu it will be necessary as in its to pedal to fly this very high-tech bike has an atypical look for a two-wheel racing fine streamlined rear wheels and led lights it is a little difficult to imagine that it is necessary to pedal to make it move forward, however.

It is indeed an aerodynamic recumbent bike that has four wheels for more stability the machine has a motor for electric assistance of the shock absorption zones a seat belt and even a heating system comes to modernize our preconceived idea of the bicycle the pod bike will be able to accommodate an adult and a child but it is not everything if you think that this machine will take up space in your garage you are wrong a mechanical system allows.

The Bike Is To Be Straightened Vertically

The bike is to be straightened vertically to gain a maximum of places marketed since the end of 2020 you will still have to pay 5,000 euros to offer you a buddy bike this at least original mount has an x-dial articulated on a frame which allows it to fold upon itself once arrived at its destination the front tire protection is of stone type.

Then becomes a handle that allows you to tow your bike this bike was imagined by the Spanish designer Alonso basto during in addition to its modular geometry it includes an on-board computer and lights under the saddle its crankset is directly incorporated into the chassis with the possibility of including a small electric motor finally the tires are low profile to further improve its compactness.

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