7 Weird Inventions You Must See


7 Weird Inventions You Must See this Hamel system home security to a whole new level more equipped with artificial intelligence the body world is a device around managing no need to memorize codes for your alarm please bodyguard takes care of everything alone as soon as you leave your home clerk takes the relay and observe everything that happens.


The Alarm And Notify Them Emergency Services

If the system does not recognize one of the faces it sends you a notification directly to your phone if you do not have access to your phone or the internet was the art can make intelligent decisions it can for example automatically send an alert to other people you trust if it does not receive quick response fliers will sound the alarm and notify the emergency services its installation is done in less than ten minutes just attach.

It to the wall and download the body world application to secure the independent house it works thanks to powerful batteries in the event of a power cut it will be able to operate for three weeks without the problem, of course, the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed thanks to the encryption that the banks use in addition to the camera to do this mechanically.

The Door Without Flers Wirelessly

When you or one of your trusted contacts walks through the door without fliers wirelessly. connects directly to wifi or cellular networks equipped with artificial intelligence or your animals will not be a problem for them connect the new system you can use your face your voice or the location of your smartphone flair is also equipped with an accelerometer which allows it to react if the device is forcibly withdrawn from mood or succeed in.

Its mission fliers contain a wide range of sensors and advanced electronic components in a very elegant case [Music] here is a product which should appeal to those who suffer from sleep apnea without hoses without cords or masks this microdevice allows to relieve sleep apnea generally a sleep apnea is caused by blockage of the airways and more particularly when the soft tissue at the back of the throat drops during untreated sleep.

The Need For External Air Pipes Each Device Runs

And sleep apnea can have big health consequences Erin can alleviate this problem the design is a combination of several inventions the main ones are fan microphones originally intended for the regulation thermal notion of computer chips these micro fans are entirely contained in the ventilation device of the device the need for external air pipes each device runs on the battery to take up as little space as possible to use.

It just ‘install the comfortably assured buds in the nostril and breathe the small nasal buds are made of silicone to ensure maximum comfort and allow them to stay in their place even if the user breathes the air through microfibers to ensure its purity the pressure sent into the nose is then managed directly from the device with this device say goodbye to noisy and cumbersome machines the german brand has for mission to provide motivating.


The Health To Fight Against Damage Sedentary Lifestyle

And positive training experiences for health to fight against damage sedentary lifestyle go because Auxerre is a highly immersive virtual reality motorcycle simulation platform easy to use it is intended for all ages the devices are optimized for purely professional use its size has been designed to take up as little space as possible while offering.

A fairly simple configuration embedding virtual reality like rare Auxerre is compatible with helmets oculus rift and the willfully be charged the controller can last at least 6 hours without interruption it could be recharged using a micro USB cable for about 30 minutes several trips are available to explore different regions of the globe discover the underwater world or still playing a shooter game finally the wearer is sturdy and ergonomic to ensure a comfortable position for the user throughout the experience robotics is the future Marty is a robot.

That is fully programmable and compatible with the wifi designed for children educators Marty allows to do electron programming ique or even mechanics a fun and engaging learning fully scalable it is compatible with all single-board computers like the raspberry pi Marty has a unique design that makes it easier to use than a traditional robot it allows it to have a more durable battery.


The Also Allows You To Protect Your Identity

It can walk turn dance or even kick a Marty ball is also able to show emotions thanks to its moving eyebrows this mask protects your eyes your nose your mouth all the air that could touch your face is filtered out through irreplaceable reusable hpa filters this mask also allows you to protect your identity behind opaque and interchangeable panels easy to assemble just eclipse the front panel and engage.

The new one afterward an additional module will allow you to modulate the way to be completely anonymous, air conditioning and Bluetooth will also be present subsequently this mask disrupts the normality in terms of fashion and safety with a mask that not only protects you but also allows you to stand out from the crowd [Music] the American brand has been awarded several times for.

Its invention indeed 63% of Americans in 2017 had not taken an eye test for more than a year without health insurance this test can quickly become very expensive for many Americans the brand Nike has developed a system to allow testing of their vision at a lower cost and simply and effectively ique person vises tracker is an affordable and practical high-tech sight screening tool thanks to your smartphone.

The Application You Will Be Able To Familiarize

My high Ku application and the Minot scop you can test your vision by examining all of them the surroundings of your view from the application you will be able to familiarize yourself with your new tool thanks to integrated shareholder exercises and practical tests following from the results you will be able to download the prescription proposed by the application to give.

It to your doctor this will allow him to enrich your medical file [Music] we finish with a very practical and high tech gourd over there the ton allows you to control the temperature of your liquid using the control panel with a simple gesture you can change the temperature of the liquid low the ton ensures that your drink stays hot for at least a few hours thanks to the insulation of the bottle with.

It Is Made Of 100% Hygienic Stainless Steel

The second layer of low insulation per tonne keeps your drink cool for 10 hours the water stays good for two days bah per tonne and manufactured following all health standards it is made of 100% hygienic stainless steel this allows the gourd to remain resistant to bacteria and elegant authors the low gourd per ton has a neat look and a durable core.

The brand even offers to customize the gourd according to your preferences low the ton for neither with its bottle a cleaning brush to facilitate its maintenance with this brush the brand can afford to guarantee its bottle at least three years finally concerning the autonomy of the bottle its small battery allows to use it a week before having to charge it only small downside you will have to bring the owner’s charger to get a fast charge .

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