New Inventions To Protect Your Home


7 NEW INVENTIONS TO PROTECT YOUR HOME.this invention to protect your home at the cs 2020 which took place in las vegas Samsung presented one of its latest innovations the Samsung ballet this little rolling robot gives off vibrations and will follow you around the house to help you in your daily life when you ask him for something ben all answers you by emitting little ones without a sign.

7 New Inventions To Protect Your Home

The Director Of Samsung Demonstrated Ben Ali

That he has understood your and requests the director of Samsung demonstrated ben Ali during the these bones the robot followed him on stage and when he called her to go to immediately r ruler in the hands of the Korean CEO although still a prototype it seems that ben Ali plays a major role in the house of the future in addition to being cute it will probably become a perfect ally for your home.

The little robot has small sensors of a camera that allows you to easily recognize its owner to be able to follow it very intelligent ballet could then open the blinds or close them tomorrow it will also be able to control various connected devices such as alarms or cameras, for example, Samsung envisages very shortly to make this little robot no bigger.

Its Little Intelligent Robot For Some Time

Then a tennis ball the companion of life at the moment Samsung has not announced a release date or price range for its little intelligent robot for some time it is not uncommon to go to demonstrations and especially overflows on the outskirts of it resulting in many windows have been destroyed the brand calif ornienne Campbell has developed unbreakable panes made with laminated glass reinforced with thermoplastics.

The panes are resistant to any type of break-in and can withstand bullets thanks to the results the film looks like ordinary glass depending on the thickness chosen it is possible that the visibility is a little reduced but on the whole, the difference cannot be seen with the naked eye this smart lock is installed without tools quickly and easily it is possible to adjust.

It As Soon As You Approach

It automatically for lock the house immediately after your departure or up to 30 minutes after your departure the lock recognizes you when you arrive at the door and unlocks it as soon as you approach it no longer has to look for your keys with your hands full or not the door opens for your smartphones and apple watch now become your house keys .

The ios and android applications work at Merv will and allow you to activate the locking manually or automatically thanks to the application you can also grant access to guests for a given time finally the application allows you to closely follow the comings and goings of the home you can configure alerts to warn you when your children, for example, arrive home to ensure.

The security of the application data but also to lock or unlock the door you can activate an identity verification by fingerprint or by facial recognition if you have if you have any doubts about the compatibility of your phone, do not hesitate to take a look at the site the smart lock is compatible with Bluetooth for keyless entry but still requires separate wifi access to allow remote access and .


The Stove Protection Thought By

The integration of the speakers Dorcel technology developed by the auguste brand indicating the lock of the door is closed or opened erte [Music] did you know that kitchen fires were the number one cause of household fires the stove protection thought by that will make sense helps to cook more safely via its app it allows you to guide you via notifications about your cooking via .

A small sensor installed between your host and your hob the protection can analyze the temperature of your weight your pan the energy consumption if a person is in front of the preparation or not or the air quality another controller comes s ‘install on the underside of the hob and allows monitoring of user activity trigger the alarm in case of dangerous situations turn off the stove .

If necessary without interfering with your daily cooking [Music] which Said security does not go with style the English brand offers shutters that offer security and design made to measure these thieves in aluminum minimum are designed to add a little more security to your home resistant to corrosion and wear they can be installed indoors or outdoors thanks to a discreet patented Italian series the shutters provide additional security to your home although.


An Intrusion The System Is Designed

It does not visually deter intruders you can sleep with peace of mind here is an intelligent system that allows you to follow what is happening in your home and alert you in the event of an intrusion the system is designed with three parts that learn drivers of your property and alert you to unusual activity the first part encompasses a sleek exterior lighting system .

That houses a powerful array of constantly lit activity sensors the second looks like a drone that flies autonomously it is equipped with several advanced security functions which send a real-time video stream equipped with an HD video camera that is sensible at all light levels to keep an eye on your home thanks to its ultrasonic object avoidance sensor you will not have to worry about finding.

It is a tree a second camera is placed on the top of the drone to allow a special landing secure the last and the charging station ten weather-resistant drones it can stay outside but more than a simple charging station the hive is also the brain of the whole system it processes and analyzes the whole data from sensors using artificial intelligence we finish with the monitoring and safety of your children and.

The Supervision Of A Pediatrician The Qubo Embeds

More specifically the bbq boas Hirai is an intelligent surveillance monitor developed under the supervision of a pediatrician the qubo embeds a technology face detection and alerts you it is the device that notices your child’s mouth or nose is covered or if it is stuck in return nant artificial intelligence allows you to establish danger zones and warns you when your little ones land in an area .

Where it shouldn’t be The monitor is equipped with an HD night sensor to allow details to be displayed. finer day and night more the qubo haye combines with an application to allow you to easily monitor and analyze your baby’s peak every morning the application offers you precise monitoring of your child’s sleep by analyzing the frequencies of these awakenings never miss your child’s first time again with more beautiful artificial intelligence can detect.

If your child mouse is crying or making large movements and automatically takes a photo which is stored in the application the monitor s ‘adapts to most cradles thanks to the three supports provided and is very easily installed discreetly it will not interfere with the purchase decoration and here are friends as not to miss any news as for me I will find you very quickly to discover new high-tech objects take care of yourself and see you soon bye .

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