Htc Vive Cosmos The Best Vr Headset Of 2021


HTC VIVE COSMOS IS THE BEST VR HEADSET OF 2021. hi to all I hope you are well we are meeting again today for a new special high tech article we are concentrating today on a pure product of new technologies it is about a reality headset virtual also called VR for the virtual reality we invite you to get to know the cosmos vibe successor to the first htc Viiv headset which .


A Beautiful Station In The Base Station

The cosmos vibe is positioned in the category of semi-autonomous helmets with tracking inside and tracking inside out means that the helmet works without a beautiful station in the base station is that the tracking is carried out thanks to the cameras which are in the helmet in fact the tracking of movements ts is ensured by six cameras all located on the helmet the presence of six cameras and.

Their positions allow great freedom of movement thanks to the installation and use are faster, simpler and above all more suitable for the general public in the box there are instruction manuals for cables and adapters headphones obviously batteries the two controllers and here is your complete pack the cosmos vibe allows you to take advantage of the computing power of a gaming pc and access.

The Vibe Cosmos Is Easier To Install

The entire catalog of games while enjoying the best possible experience this great power also brings a more fluid image and allows to have movements reproduced impeccably and without latency all for immersion by doing a lot of care has been provided by the vibe around comfort users will be able to accommodate their pairs of glasses in the helmet unlike the old models you will understand the vibe cosmos is easier to install and use.

It is much more comfortable the immersion level is worked very well thanks to a very good screen quality 3d sound a refresh rate of 90 hertz is a field of vision at 110 degrees the cosmos offers a modular design that allows you to evolve your playing space and expand your possibilities Viiv wifi adapter added the wifi adapter specially designed for Viiv headsets and use the cosmos without any cables connected to the pc foam and cushions face.

The Rackets Pistols Golf Clubs Base Stations 2.0 Increase

A wide choice available according to your needs waves tracker uses the tracker to track movement on other parts of the body which is bust pub echo etc or on accessories rackets pistols golf clubs base stations 2.0 increase your play space up to 10 meters by 10 meters 100 m² of play areas with four base stations viive door and download platform of VR content from viiv the downloaded content is compatible with most VR headsets.

It’s a bit like NetFlix from VR this platform allows you to buy and download VR apps and games you can also choose a monthly subscription at 14 euros 99 without obligation to access hundreds of games and unlimited apps vague porte is also a very good alternative to steam simple and effective you just have to create your account and download the application to be able to use it. games remain fluid and easy. YOU CAN ALSO READ 7 BEST PERFORMING DRONES UNDER 100 EUROS

The Steam Platform You Will Be Delighted

The interface is neat and clean allowing everyone to navigate easily once the game chosen it is placed directly in your catalog you will of course be allowed to pause the download or follow the process at any time if you had to download games via the steam platform you will be delighted to find them surviving carries around 1000 games are available on.

Thee vice porte of which approximately 800 with the vibe Porte Infiniti subscription, in addition, you will sometimes be able to discover exclusives for reminder vibe Porte à Infiniti will cost you 9 euros 99 per month for 12 months at 14 euros 99 per month without commitment and unliked ” other brands, subscribing and unsubscribing are super easy, we won’t name anyone .

But some can make your task really complicated or even impossible without a 20-year baccalaureate against scam and if you are unsure where you simply want to test the htc platform, going there offers you a two-week trial with the same catalog as those who pay the annual subscription the effort is frankly appreciable without counting two months of subscription to vibe Porte Infiniti which are offered to you for any purchase of the Viiv headsets for .


The Cosmos Vibe Talk About Just Crazy Sensations

For a few weeks now it has been possible to play the latest star wars squadron and half lif games via steam or vibe porte platforms. the Alix both are intended to be played in virtual reality the latest experiences about this game with the cosmos vibe talk about just crazy sensations the totality of ivv cosmos wine users having played enough so .

I am talking about a real sensation of ‘immersion without coming out with nausea at the end of the game the cosmos vibe is indeed a very good quality VR headset and good manufacture it is located on the top of the basket of VR headsets we appreciate the fine efforts of htc vibe to offer us .

The products they particularly appreciated having a very well defined image regardless of the game and almost perfect colorimetry at all times the lifting visor which is truly an asset and here it is already finished so what do you think of the live cosmos you have other questions about the product tell us in the comments if the article.

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