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If you ever believed that Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog, you’re out of luck. This remark will surely disappoint our readers, but it’s simply not true. The blog has existed for five years, during which time a great deal has changed.

Although our focus has always been on parenting and family life. We have grown through many phases throughout the years as a result of countless parents’ feedback. Who are curious about our articles.

Who Is Dad and Buried?

Dad and Buried author (a.k.a. Mike Julianelle), a Brooklyn father over the age of forty who shares his thoughts on fatherhood with sarcasm, attracts nasty comments from people who have heard that his site is anti-parenting. On his blog, many have posted rude remarks!

He is also complaining about how the existence of his eight-year-old son, Detective Munch, as well as the numerous obligations surrounding their existence, are killing his social life.

Julianelle, who calls himself the anti-parent, uses Dad and Buried as an outlet for his fury toward criticizing parents, “parenting gurus,” and his own challenging parenting experiences. He characterizes himself as cynical and caustic and believes that other parents should be aware that it’s acceptable to feel nervous when parenting children is difficult. However, Julianelle accepts that his blog will probably upset some individuals.

Mike Julianelle’s Dad and Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog

Mike Julianelle, a blogger, asserts that his blog, Dad and Buried the Anti-Parent Parenting, is anti-parent. He adds that he uses the blog to express his anger with parents, the media, and “parenting gurus” who do not completely get the difficulties of parenting. Julianelle agrees that being a parent can be hard, but he believes he can remain true to himself and avoid common parenting errors.

This blog is about Mike, a Brooklynite in his thirties. Mike and his wife recently moved to North Carolina. Already, he is grumbling about his new responsibilities. This blog is his diary on fatherhood. In a few years, Mike Julianelle will be an expert dad and have a flawless child. Mike’s blog is amusing. He adores his wife and son.

He indicated that the blog will be a history of his experiences as a father, an experienced father, and the father of several extraordinary children.

Dad and Buried The Anti Parent parenting blog

He portrays himself as cynical and condescending, and he acknowledges that it is vital for other parents to grasp that it is not acceptable to value toughness when raising children. Julianelle acknowledges that his blog may also dissatisfy two or three readers. In any event, only the very greatest individuals can appreciate his wit.

According to julianelle, “I’m not too discouraged when people refer to me as an idiot.” So long as my child and partner are content with what I do.

Some information about the blog

The site provides valuable information to help parents raise their children in a safe environment that is not constantly influenced by media, social media, or marketing. The blog follows a commonplace format for delivering the most recent news: it focuses on media-oriented stories to bring you the best.

The blog has covered topics such as how parents may prevent their children from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol and how parents can avoid conflict with their family. It also provides mother and father records as well as a practical resource manual for a non-violent and law-abiding household.

Experience and Specifics of a Fathers Blog

Mike Julianelle, a father who wrote the anti-parent parenting site Dad and buried, adores his son. Julianelle praises his son’s ingenuity on his blog, Dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog. He describes his son drawing with crayons on a sheet of paper that has been hung on the wall. The drawing included an American flag, which makes sense given that Julianle’s kid is an American patriot.

Julianelle reports that his son completed the task in roughly ten minutes. In addition, he mentions that “it took me about two hours before I was able to observe progress” when he worked on something similar as a child. I am a father blogger. I cherish my son. He’s a good guy, and he’s becoming better at being a person every day, but there are times when I realize I don’t know him as well as I believed.

Reason of Blog

The fashionable “hidden secrets” part of the site allows parents to disclose their secrets anonymously. The Dad and Buried the Anti Parent Parenting Blog was created due to two factors. Parenting may be challenging, even if you adore your son. It may be more challenging than caring for a child you do not love.

At least then, whatever occurs will occur. Parenting is not necessary. You are accountable for your child’s protection, education, and development. This is a difficult and hard task. Others are worse parents. They are always eager to hear the judgement. They are the only ones who can effectively parent.

They judge you, your husband, and your son. They are evaluated here (and in Soviet Russia). There contains considerable profanity. They have no idea what they are talking about. Through her anti-parent parenting blog, Dad and Buried, Julianelle hopes to raise awareness about the difficulties of being a father.

The Advantages of Dad and Burial The Parent Blog for Parents

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent parenting Blog is a parenting blog that has been for more than a decade. The anti-parent is well-known among parents, but has gained notoriety among non-parents. It was the website that began a revolution and continues to do so. It has been of great assistance to numerous parents and a number of their children. For further information on this subject, consult the Rainbow Blogs.

Why is this blog called the blog of dads and parents parenting blog?

You may question why this blog is titled “the blog of Dad and the anti-parent parenting blog has been buried” Parenting is difficult, despite the fact that you adore your son. It should also be worse than having an uncared-for toddler.

You adore your son, but each day is a struggle. Although you may not be as involved in his life as you would like, he still requires your assistance. Having to work and have a full-time job is one of the many reasons why having a child is difficult.

Conclusion on Dad and Buried the Anti Parenting Blog

In 2011, a father established the anti-parent parenting site Dad and Buried. Since 2011, he has endeavored to raise awareness regarding domestic child abuse and neglect. He writes a blog on the subject and educates readers on ways to assist battered parents. The purpose of his blog was to caution other parents. However, it has become fairly popular.

Anti Child Abuse is not affiliated with any formal or informal organization. Anti-Child Abuse is an autonomous group. It receives no financing or assistance from any club, formal body, or organization. Members of Anti-Child Abuse are frequently people who desire the same thing as animals: to be free from their children’s mistreatment.

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